At Bed Bugs Only we specialize in dealing with bed bugs.  It’s not just something we do – it’s all we do.

Knowledgeable – Speak with a Bed Bugs Only professional technician and you’ll be amazed at how much they know about every aspect of the biology, life-cycle and habits of bed bugs.

Effective – Bed bugs inhabit the same areas where people sleep, sit, or often eat, so Bed Bugs Only specialized in offering the most effective non-chemical methods available for stopping the spread of bed bugs.

Our exclusive Bed Bugs Only Directed Heat System kills bed bugs without leaving any harmful residual traces.  However, for those rare situations that would be better served by the limited use of short-duration chemicals, our technicians are licensed and insured commercial pesticide applicators.

Prompt – if you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, you’ll want help immediately.  We’ll be on site to do an inspection within 24 hours of your call, to evaluate the situation and answer your questions.

Personalized – we pride ourselves in the ability to evaluate each client’s unique situation so Bed Bugs Only technicians can customize a treatment to best solve the problem you are experiencing.

Thorough – our hard-working professional technicians are trained to seek out and recognize all potential hiding spots for bed bugs; and our exclusive Bed Bugs Only Directed Heat System deeply penetrates into areas that other treatment methods are not effective on.

Affordable – even though we offer the best services and products available, Bed Bugs Only strives to keep our prices competitive so that they are affordable to everyone.

We can Help YOU – our combination of knowledge and professionalism leads the industry and is what makes Bed Bugs Only the most respected and recognized name in the Okanagan.